1. So Long

From the recording Cooing with the Doves

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David Gillis – Guitar & Vocals
Rob McBride – Upright Bass and Arco Strings

**Recorded at Dancing Pig Studio


So Long, I said to dear old Dad
The house you built feels empty now
The week you left, a dog arrived
The two of us got by.

Father’s Day was iffy,
worst there ever was / worst there ever was.
Normally we’re fishin’ – Fishin’ in a boat,
Never catch a thing, maybe catch a cold.
Instead I’m loading boxes, in a U-Haul on the curb
It's hard to say, “so long”.

Birthdays were like Christmas,
the only day he came / only day he came.
The gifts were really sump-in’ – my friend’s would always say.
They wish they had my dad, but then my dad would drive away.
To a different home – for another year.
A year can take so long.

Bridge… oooohs

There’s a space inside me,
I never will repeat / never will repeat.
All the tea in China, couldn’t fill that cup,
with all the lumps I took, no sugar was enough.
And this space in me, It's repeating history,
It's hard to say, “so long”.

Words & Music by David Gillis
© copyright 2020