1. Like a Leaf

From the recording Like a Leaf

Players on Instruments and such:
David Gillis – Vox, Acoustic & Electric Guitars
Russ Boswell – Upright Bass
Ben Rollo – Drums & Percussion
Bryden Bard – Trumpet
Kevin Fox – Cello


Like a Leaf

Like a leaf, falling down – piling up, on the ground.
Wind picks up, blows around – in a swirl, through the town
Higher than, a skyscraper
I see you in an office filing papers
I see you, you see me, as a leaf

Dying wind, it gets dark – finally rest in a park
Spend the night, with the leaves – rise again, above the trees
I spot a kite, follow it down
There you hold, the string from the ground
I see you, you see me, as a leaf

Then I’m carried, by a beak – to a lonley, mountain peak
Up above, the village sky – I see lights, and wonder why
I am here, you are there.
How the world can be so unfair?
Pray the wind, carries me, like a leaf

Then I float, as sure is sure – and make it to, your front door
You sweep me up, off of my feet – I am shaking, like a leaf
I am caught, I am found out
Stand exposed, with my heart out
Then you see, the real me, not a leaf

And your heart, it shakes too, like a leaf