- Acoustic & Electric Guitars & Vocals – David Gillis
- Bass – Mark McIntyre
- Drums – Ben Rollo
- Electric Guitar – Ariana Gillis


I said to the cloud hey you, what are you doing here so close?
He said I want to snuggle up to the world and show ‘em just how I twirl, twirl

He turned into a spin and ripped out a giant oak tree from it’s roots
And said I got anger issues with the world – I have my disputes

Now get yourself a pen and a paper, the cloud said to me
You’re gonna take this story to the people, I’ve chosen you,
you’re representing me.

I’ve been running a bath for the flood and the wrath and the hail
And all in my path will be swept by the winds that prevail

Run you better run you better run
to the hills you better run you better run
To your caves you better hide you better hide
Oh you – you – can never reverse what you started

Now the ink on the paper began to bleed from the rain
Till the text on the page changed shape, like a stain
Everyone dismissed these words -- the cloud had spoke
Sayin’ the weathers’ got no issues, just a vision from some man’s head, go back to sleep it’s a joke

The clouds then gathered to assemble, to twirl and to quake
All of the religious leaders started to shake, shake, shake
There were oak trees and bibles and cows spinning through the air
And all of those giant SUV’s weren’t driving anywhere

I said to the cloud hey you, what are you doing back here so close?
He said “I’m here to say, I told you so”

Words & Music by David Gillis
© copyright 2017