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  1. Fly Away Dove


The glint of glass at the top of the world
First in your class, to the bottom you’re hurled
The sun – she, hid her shine
Then some shifting of clouds...

Fly Fly Fly away dove
come back again when you find land
Go now fly away dove
come back when you have found love

You lived on easy street
pushed so hard, pushed so hard
Bay to Wall street, hard on your feet
did your best, earned your rest, earned your.

Top floor, must be more
push for more, push for more
Set your face link flint,
there’s no glint, not one hint, not one.

Burned out, out the door
there’s no more, not one more
All spent, not one cent
Leave this place, turn your face, turn your face.

Words & Music by David Gillis
© copyright 2017